We have decided that Bugsy's birthday is September 1, 2005 although we will never know exactly. He weighs about 107lbs, is 29 inches tall and 28 inches long. We adopted him from the Wake County SPCA (North Carolina) in December 2005 and our lives have been forever changed. We'll never know his exact mix but we believe he is part Great Dane, likely a German Short-hair Pointer or English Pointer mix. He definitely has bird dog in there and may have some Boxer too. Who knows, he's unique for sure!

He is super friendly, high energy, and 100% committed to all that he does. He has his Canine Good Citizen certificate and loves to learn and attend training classes. He will never turn down a walk, run, bike ride, hike, swim, frisbee game but his favorite game is 'find it'. In this game we hide an object (in the house, on the property or anywhere we might be) and he uses his nose to find it. This is his favorite game to play and he is exceptional at finding whatever it is you hide.

He has lots of dog buddies - large, small, old and young and has figured out how to play with all of them. If he is amongst several dogs ideally they all play together. If they don't he checks up on the ones that aren't playing. for his liking there cannot be too many dogs in one place.

He destroys toys but carefully carries game (anything that moves from insect to critters to birds). He has never once thought he needed to let the human lead and training recall has been an exceptional challenge. He is pretty good now but show him a goose or deer or cat and his recall is non-existant. I believe this will be a lifelong challenge!

He has a uniqueness about him that no matter where we are shines through. It is rare that we don't receive compliments and/or questions about him, which always makes us smile. Bugsy lives life HIS way and within a few minutes around him you WILL laugh. Bugsy has brought so much to our lives and to almost everyone he meets. I work at becoming the owner he needs everyday!

I hope that you enjoy this site and welcome comments. Let me know how we can improve it or let me know what you like or don't like. I will read all of the comments and address them as well as I can.

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